Celebration High School 

Opened January 2019

70 orphans and disadvantaged children walked through our doors, so grateful to their sponsors for giving them hope for a brighter future.

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January 2020 saw another 60 join them.

Every year we seek 60 new sponsors for the poorest in the area; those that cannot continue their education without help.

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Primary education is free in Kenya but when it comes to secondary, students have to pay. Those living in poverty cannot even afford to eat every day let alone pay school fees. Most live in mud huts without electricity.
Even though clever, with hopes and dreams for the future these students cannot advance without your help.

Could you sponsor a student for just £29 per month?

Fees cover the following:
Education, 2 x sets of uniform, shoes, text and excecise books, stationery plus lunch. 

Sadly, for a lot of the students their school lunch is the only meal they receive each day.
Students are at Celebration High School (CHS) for 4 years.

It’s very rewarding to be a part of shaping a child’s future. In return CHS will contact you 3 times per year: Easter, Summer and Christmas by email with a letter and report for your student.  You will also be given an email address should you wish to send letters of encouragement via the CHS secretary.

In addition we run a 2 week sponsor trip each year so you can actually meet your student.
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Would you sponsor a child’s education at Celebration High School?

Kindly download a sponsor form here.

Alternatively please make a gift towards a student’s schooling here
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