Help Build 'Celebration High School'High School 1

If you ask any poor child in the village what they want most they will all give the same answer: food and an education.

They need full tummies to concentrate and learn and know that an education is their only hope of being able to step out of their poverty trap.

Utange is well endowed with Primary Schools but for most, education sadly finishes after that. Our hearts' desire is to build a much needed High School for the children in the community.
The vision is for 8 classrooms, 2 science labs, admin offices and toilets. With an acre of land there is plenty of room to play too! Complete with furnishings we need £95,000
With money that has been donated separately for the High School, we have been able to purchase the land, have the plans drawn and constructed the ground floor classrooms.  Work has commenced on the upper floor rooms and we are now praying for further funds so we can complete the construction.  Please mark any donation for this part of the Project "High School".

Could you sponsor a child's education?

Each child at the school will need to have their fees paid - you can sponsor a child's education at Celebration High School for just £29 per month.  Download a sponsor form here and make a real difference to a young person's life chances.
Alternatively, make a gift here
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Thank you.

The top picture below shows how far we have got by August 2018 with the other pictures showing progress to this point.

High School Aug 2018
High School Construction
High School Feb 2017