Utange Orphanage - Casuarina House

For the story of how Casuarina House was founded for orphans and disadvantaged children in Utange, Kenya, please go here to see a short video

Phase One was opened in January 2009 with the original ten children moving in.  Phase Two was completed a year later and the home was officially opened on 29th January 2010 with a live broadcast from Casuarina House by Lorna Milton on BBC Three Counties Radio.

Casuarina House is now home to a further fourteen children making twenty-four in total.  It has become home for the children rather than an institution.  It is somewhere that they feel nurtured, cared for and loved.  We want to give the children hope and a future.

Children 2007-1 Children 2007-2

The original ten AIDS orphans above, photographed in 2007

Children 2009-1 The second group of orphans who joined the others at Casuarina House January 2010, photographed in 2009.

When these pictures were taken, the children were destitute, had no education, little food and no hope.

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Children 2020-1 Children 2020-2

Our guys and gals are all grown up!

Children 2020

11 years on we are so proud to have three of the children at University, Nicholas studying IT in Mombasa, Angelina studying community social work in Nairobi and Rehema studying to become a lawyer!
The others are at boarding or day high school with Marium and Kadenge in their last year at Primary School.  All working towards achieving their future dreams. Your support is changing their lives and giving them hope for a brighter future. 

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