About us

When the Orphans Project was started in 2007, Debbie Scott-Robinson and her team were supported by The Sure Foundation ("The Foundation"), a registered UK charity no. 1061603, alongside the other work of the Foundation.

Wonderfully, the work associated with the Utange Orphans Project has grown to such an extent that it seemed appropriate for a separate Charity to be established whose sole focus is the AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children in Utange Kenya.  Utange Orphans Charity ("the Charity") was formed in 2014 and became a registered UK charity in 2015, registered no. 1160637.  The Utange Orphans Project is now directed by the Charity and all funds are raised and managed by the Charity.

All funds received in The Foundation for the Orphans Project have been moved from the Foundation to the Charity together with all the information relating to the donors.  The Foundation will also pass to the Charity any funds which it receives in the future which are for the Utange Orphans Project. 

The Main Object of Utange Orphans Charity:
to relieve the needs of and to improve the well-being of children and young people, particularly orphans, in Utange, Kenya, either individually or through other charities or organisations, by:

  1. the provision of a safe and secure home, food, clean drinking water, clothing, medical care and education so as to improve their conditions of life;
  2. the provision of educational facilities as a means of advancing their education
  3. the provision of education in health matters with a view to improving  their healthcare
  4. the provision of recreational facilities with a view to improving their well-being
  5. the provision of instruction in Christian values to provide a moral and ethical framework within which they can live
  6. the provision of grants, goods, facilities and services for their general well-being and improvement in their conditions of life either generally or individually


Mr John Creasey (Chairman)
Mr Andy Hale (Treasurer)
Mrs Carolyn Giles (Administrator)
Mr Paul Robinson (Co Director)
Mrs Debbie Scott-Robinson (Director & Project Co ordinator)