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Luxury Sponsor visit

If you sponsor a student at Celebration High School or a child at Casuarina House, or just want to have a holiday of a lifetime then making a visit like this is for you!
Group visit

There is an opportunity each year to visit for 2 weeks.  You can stay at the beautiful Severin Sea Lodge Hotel on the edge of the Indian Ocean but not far from the village of Utange.

Severin Hotel Pool   A chance to unwind and chill by the pool as well as visit the Casuarina House Orphanage, Feed500 programme, Celebration High School and Health Centre

You can volunteer in the community, meet your sponsored student at CHS and also experience a 3-day safari in the African Savannah - a chance to see the “big 5”.

Safari-2 Safari-1

Typical itinerary

It really is a 'best of both worlds' experience and not available in any holiday brochure!
Please click here for sample itinerary and approximate costs.

Contact: if interested or for more information

Orphanage Tourism
We are opposed to "Orphanage Tourism".
The care and upbringing of the orphans at Casuarina House is the responsibility of local Kenyan full time professional staff who take the role of parents  under the direction of ‘The Sure Foundation Home for Orphans Project, Utange’, a charity registered and operating in Kenya. Their ethos is that the children grow up in a loving and nurturing family environment provided by their staff through Christian values and education. Groups do not at any time take the place of the House Parents or staff and are never left alone or un-supervised with the children. The Feed500 programme, High School and Health Centre are also under the direction of the Kenyan charity and volunteers may assist with this under their supervision.


It is important that all volunteers and visitors to the Orphans Project in Utange understand that they do so entirely at their own risk and must make their own travel and insurance arrangements. 
The Utange Orphans Charity (UK Registered Charity no 1160637) is not involved in any way with arranging or managing trips to the Orphans Project. Volunteers and Visitors must make all arrangements direct with the Kenya based charity, The Sure Foundation Home for Orphans Project. This can be done via Debbie Scott-Robinson