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We didn’t know of Mariam’s existence and, after finding out, we searched for her.

A year later we were over the moon to unite her with her brothers. I’ll never forget the delight on the boys' faces when Mariam walked through the door of Casuarina. They sat either side of her during her first meal taking turns to hand feed her. She was just three then.

With your support we’ve been able to educate, love and nurture these siblings along with our other orphans at Casuarina House into well rounded young people. Mariam is now 10. She is as bright as a button and in the top 3 of her class. She loves to dance in Church. Dennis has just taken his final exams and will be going to High School next year. He’s very talented musically, playing drums, keyboard and guitar. Toby has a creative side and loves drawing and illustrating. He also enjoys martial arts.

What a joy it’s been these past years encouraging all our orphans at Casuarina to discover and develop their individual talents. When I think back to when I first met them 10 years ago with nothing but the clothes they stood up in and no hope for the future. Your giving has turned their lives around, thank you so much for your generosity!

This Christmas if you are able to make an additional donation towards our costs, together we can continue to provide for all the orphans needs as they grow and develop. Any gift you make today will be used directly to benefit the children. Your continued kindness and support is such a blessing.

From the children and the Team we wish you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year!

God bless,
Debbie Scott-Robinson

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